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Please Help us Help You Save Lives

Droitwich AED is a community resuscitation scheme run by volunteers. We are aiming to increase the chance of surviving an out of hospital cardiac arrest (when your heart stops beating) in Droitwich and the surrounding area.

The chance of surviving a cardiac arrest in Droitwich is currently less than 10%. We would like to increase this to at least a 25% survival rate which is achieved in some other European countries. We will achieve this by proving free resuscitation training, which will include defibrillator awareness, and by fundraising to provide defibrillators for the public to use all around Droitwich.

The Stats

In Droitwich every year, OHCAs in the home 52
About a third of these are in bed at night 18
Another third are home alone 17
These 35 cannot be saved as nobody knows that they need help! 35
This leaves approximately a third accompanied at home 17
And others elsewhere out of the home 13
This is the OHCA 1:1000 incidence reported on line by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) that possibly could be saved, IF THEY RECEIVED PROMPT CPR AND DEFIBRILLATION! 30
Currently, without this, over half die before an ambulance arrives 17
and 10 or 11 do not survive to leave hospital because of lack of 11
oxygen before they received help. 28
Annual Droitwich OHCA Survivors might be as low as ONLY 2
National Average is 8.6% 3
West Midlands Area Average is 3.8% (2015) 1

The Chain of Survival

  1. If there is prompt realisation of the OHCA, and
  2. CPR is started within two minutes,
  3. !f an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is then used within three minutes, and
  4. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrive within eight minutes:

We could save about 20 of these OHCA casualties, but:

Where can you get an AED within three minutes to help save these lives?

What a difference a year makes!!

Droitwich Standard readers with long memories might remember a photo of me in my kitchen holding up a defibrillator to launch the campaign to get Community Public Access Defibrillators (CPADs) in Droitwich. At the time we didn’t have any! Over sixty Droitwich people a year were dying from Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCAs) most of which could have been saved if they received prompt CPR and Defibrillation.

A year later, and things have changed:

  1. Droitwich AED is now a Registered Charity.
  2. We have put CPADs on Droitwich Medical Centre, the Fire Station, and Nicol and Co Estate Agents.
  3. We are in the process of putting them out on Corbett Medical Practice, The Lido Cafe, and King George V sports pavilion.
  4. We are in talks with Aldi and Tesco to put them on the outside of their stores.
  5. We are running monthly FREE Basic Life Support Courses (BLS) at the Droitwich Medical Centre (next one Monday 4th September) and One-Day Emergency First Aid Courses (the national EFW course with a little bit of paediatric thrown in as well) for donations of £25 per delegate (St John’s Ambulance charge £125 + VAT = £150.00!!) Next course Friday 1st September
  6. We have a new website droitwich-aed.org.uk (Not complete yet, needs some fine tuning)
  7. We are working with Physique Fitness, DSNK Nursery and Esso Garage to fundraise to put CPADs outside their premises.
  8. The Tennis Club and the Cricket Club have put CPADs out on their clubhouses.

A year ago Droitwich didn’t have any CPADs, by the end of this calendar year we will have at least 15!

In twelve months time we should hopefully have achieved our target of siting them about half a mile apart so that, in an emergency, nobody is more than a quarter of a mile away from one. At that spacing they should be close enough to be effective in saving lives.

STOP PRESS!! We’ve just received a cheque for £1,000 from Persimmon towards our next CPAD.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Pete Richards

Chair of Trustees

Droitwich AED

2507, 2018

GREAT NEWS!! Forty AEDs in seventeen months!

We put our first AED on the Droitwich Medical Centre in February 2017, and have since put out twenty in and around Droitwich.

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1101, 2018

2018 Courses

FREE Basic Life Support – First Friday of month 09:00 A.M. AND 6:30 P.M.

1-Day Emergency First Aid Course £30 – 09:00 First Friday each month

For full details, and joining instructions please contact:

E: Droitwich.AED@gmail.com    M: 07957 214 […]

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Review of 2017 and looking forward

Dear Friends,

As we look forwards to 2018 it would be remiss of me not to look back at 2017, and to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your help.

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