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Friends of Droitwich AED 50/50 Club

At some future time, and we’re obviously not there yet, we will reach a stage where there is no need for any more defibrillators in Droitwich. I can see us possibly expanding out into surrounding villages, but I don’t see that we will ever be looking towards Worcester, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove (Infinity and Beyond!) etc. Obviously if similar groups in local towns and cities wanted our help and advice we would give it, but it would be up to them to fund their own CPADs.

When we do get to this stage we will still need an ongoing revenue stream to maintain the CPADs we have out there. The electrode pads are single use, so if deployed have to be replaced. If not used they only have an approximate three year life and have to be replaced then. Batteries if not used have an approximate five year life. AEDs if used have to be serviced, and if not have an approximate ten year life.

To ensure the long term maintenance of our CPADs we set aside £5 per CPAD per month to cover the future maintenance and replacement costs. If we get to 15 CPADs in Droitwich the monthly maintenance cost would therefore be £75.00. To fund this we are going to set up a “Friends of Droitwich AED” 50/50 club, hopefully in September if we get enough support.

How it will work:

Assume that just 300 people from Droitwich (1% of our town population) decide to join “Friends” and donate just £1 per month by standing order.   300 numbers x £1 = £300.00

They contact me, advise how much a month they want to donate, in multiples of a pound, and I allocate them a number per £1 that goes into the draw.

Half goes into the maintenance account = £150.00 which will cover the monthly maintenance and leave a surplus for future AED replacements.

During the monthly BLS or First Aid Courses we will ask course delegates to use a random number generator.

Half goes into Prize Pot £150.00
The First Number Drawn wins 50% of the Prize Pot £75.00
The Second Number Drawn wins 25% of the Prize Pot £37.50
The Third Number Drawn wins 10% of the Prize Pot £15.00
The last three numbers drawn each win 5% of the Prize Pot £22.50
Total £150.00

On the assumption that nobody will miss just £1 going out of their bank account every month it’s a simple, easy, and painless way to ensure our CPADs are maintained. Please ask for details.

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