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Lesson Plan

Course Content




Introduction to Course/Registration Y Y Y
Injuries in and out of Work - Statistics Y Y Y
Responsibilities of a First Aider Y Y Y
First Aid and The Law Y Y Y
First Aid Kit Compliance Y Y Y
Assessing and Prioritising (PASTA and RUBBER) Y Y Y
Unconscious Casualty: Basic Life Support - Adult and Child Y Y Y
Primary Assessment / CPR / Managing Incident (DRAB) Y Y Y
Use of AED Defibrillator (New) Y Y Y
Unconscious Casualty - Breathing normally Y Y Y
Secondary Assessment / Safe Airway Position (Recovery) Y Y Y
Conscious Casualty (Walking Wounded) Y Y
Suspected Heart Attacks / Angina Y Y
Breathing: Choking, Drowning, Asthma Y Y
Control of Severe External Bleeding Y Y
Burns and Scalds Y Y
Seizures: Adult and Child Y Y
Strokes Y Y
First Aid for Minor Injuries - Cuts / Grazes / Splinters etc. Y Y
Managing a Casualty in Shock Y Y
First Aid - Accident Reporting - RIDDOR 2012 Y Y
Eye Injuries Y
Sprains and Strains  (RICE) Y
Bone & Joint Injuries - Dislocations and Fractures Y
Neck and Spinal Injuries - In Line Immobilisation - Log Rolls Y
Severe Head Injuries Y
Allergic Reaction / Anaphylactic Shock Y
Diabetes - Hyper and Hypo Glycaemia Y
Strokes (FAST) Y
Poisoning Y
Course : BLS / EFW (R) / FAW (R) Daily Review / Feedback Y Y Y